3rd Time Round?

Alright, so if you know me, you probably also know that I have been angling towards something like this for far too long now. My ‘travel journal’ (as of writing this it has yet to leave SE England) contains plans and thoughts surrounding two major ventures that are tbc. this ones happening however, South Africa.

My main goal in traveling has always been to pursue nature photography, specifically macro shots of the worlds smaller beings, and so that will be the main content of this blog along with my various ramblings on what i’m actually doing with my time.

For the majority of my trip I shall be working with the SCBC, a charity foundation, carrying out some wildlife research into scorpion populations and then will spend four weeks traveling the country.

Although I will include photos of the trip with the posts on here you will be able to find a more complete catalogue on my website and Instagram.

I will try to update this blog and read any comments as often as possible although internet access will be limited at certain points so forgive me for any major pauses.



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