12 hours in Dam

Right, as I have already said, third time round, think this one is definitely happening as I am sat in Amsterdam Schipol airport waiting for my flight to Johannesburg. In approximately two hours I will be taking off for South Africa where I shall be staying for the next three months; two months counting scorpions, and one month hiking and whale watching!

I had a brief layover in Amsterdam, which, for those who know me well, was absolute hell on earth! I did manage to meet a few interesting characters; the owner of the Babylon, which shall always be my first port of call am I ever to return; Dave the English 75-year old, (“Do not get ill, do not go to hospital, they want your 200 dollars folks…”); and of course the troupe of English boys returning to the dorm at 5am. At least that made me nice and early for my morning flight!

It’s been a long time coming for some adventure like this, with not much more than myself getting in the way of progress, but now this plane is above the Alpes and it would seem that there really isn’t much turning back from this point. The water is a hell of a long way down and I have a healthy fear of sharks! No cage dives for me, so if your waiting for that footage or image etc, don’t bother. Saying this, I am also not that keen on the idea of scorpion stings, will be keeping that good 90mm 1:1 mag between us!

I’m now about two hours from my final destination and meeting the Scoutpansberg Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation (SCBC) to start this research project. I am maybe a little apprehensive as to what the other people on the project will be like, but my experiences with the people in this country as I arrived have been so positive that I’m finding it harder and harder to worry. That being said, I think the last four weeks travelling the garden route, and Cape Town, will probably be the more dangerous point, so let’s not get too lulled just yet. 

I think that’s going to have to do it for this little intro post, I know it’s not quite the ‘I am LJH Eastley’ epic from last time but hopefully it will interest a few of you to keep up to date.


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